Sunday, April 10, 2005

Back - Done And Dusted

I've finished the back of my cardigan - hurrah! I started this on the Tuesday after Easter so its taken slightly less than two weeks which is quite good going for me. I've already cast on the left front and done several rows so its all steam ahead. :-)

My bestest friend, Meg, in Australia has found this fab program that allows us to talk to each other like a phone call but through our computers and its free! So we spent nearly 3 1/2 hours just chatting today. That's when I finished the back of my cardigan! I've promised her a pair of socks - if I can master them! I haven't tried to knit any yet. We picked the wool she'd like though. Ah, poor me... I'll have to buy some more yarn...

My last task for a really productive weekend is to finish spindling the cream coloured fibre that came with my spindle kit. This is in preparation for my merino tops arriving from Hilltop. Oh I do hope it comes tomorrow! Posted by Hello

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