Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Week That Was

I think I'm getting it! This is by far the most even and nicely spun of my attempts - and its only the third! I have done very little spinning or knitting this week. I've had sinus troubles which means no ability to concentrate and I've also been worrying about Max our border collie puppy who is sick again. He's suffered a relapse of the neurological virus he had when he was about 2 1/2 months old which affects his back legs and prevents him from standing. Fortunately he is much better today but is still Mr Jelly Legs. I just hope he continues to improve - the poor little thing isn't six months old yet!

My knitting has progressed nicely since the picture below. I've finished the armhole shaping and have 42 rows until I do the neck shaping so I'll post a new picture once I've finished the back.

I was naughty yesterday, I ordered some more merino tops and a dye kit from Hilltop. They are so wonderful to deal with! I emailed them after 5pm yesterday and had an email back saying my order would be posted today. Can't wait to start playing! I also ordered a 'sock kit' from Get Knitted which contains a ball of Opal yarn, needles, pattern and stitch markers. Another thing to wait impatiently for... Posted by Hello

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