Sunday, May 08, 2005

Knitting, Spinning and Dyeing!

I've finally spun up the green rainbow dyed tops I dyed a couple of weeks ago. It is gorgeous! I only have about 45 gms so I will have to do some more I think. I really liked the purple rainbow dye but this is my favourite. I've spun a little of the orange rainbow dyed tops and they are turning out quite spectacular too - they are quite bright.Posted by Hello

This is my first attempt at using natural dyes. The skein at the top of the picture was dyed with daffodil flowers and the one at the bottom is the natural colour of the merino tops. I quite like the colour but I can't quite describe it! It's a pale, creamy yellow. I didn't use any mordants or modifiers. I poured boiling water over the dried flower heads and left it to stand over night. I then simmered it for 30 minutes, allowed it to cool a bit, added the pre-wetted singles, simmered them for 30 minutes and then let them cool in the dye liquid for about an hour. After I'd done this I read that I should have used fresh flowers - oh well! I think I got a similar colour anyway.

I'm hooked now and I'm eyeing the flowers in Mum's garden to see what else I can use. She's got some gorgeous dark red peonies just coming into flower so I've asked her to save the spent flowers for me when she's deadheading. Don't know if they will work but its worth a try. Posted by Hello

Finally, I've finished the first of Meg's socks and started the second. Looking closely at them I think I've got the striping matched perfectly but we will see when I get to the heel and toe! Posted by Hello

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