Sunday, May 29, 2005

My Bad!

I realised this morning that I hadn't blogged for two whole weeks! I have no excuse other than age related senility :-) I have however been busy - busy at work as well as fibre-busy. I work in the exams section of a further education college and this is our maddest time of year. I've been so tired when I get home from work that I haven't been playing much in the evenings. I make up for it on the weekend though! So here is the last two weeks worth of fibre-ing! :-)

Ta-daaaaaaa!! Meg's socks are finito!

A look back and some experimentation:

The red blobby mass is my very first attempt at spinning on my spindle. The orange is the lovely rainbow dye, I am just so impressed with the colour. The single on the spindle is the light orange I dyed in the leftover dye liquid from the rainbow dye. My plan was to ply them together. Here is the result:

I plied the singles on my spindle, set the spin and then dried with a weight to put the yarn under a bit of tension. The resulting yarn is soooo soft and lovely that I really must spin some more and make something with it - anything! Just so I can stroke it!

This is the wrist-warmer from 'Spin It!' knitted from the green rainbow dyed singles. I only have one at the moment but the second one will be made. There's no great hurry as spring has finally decided to show her face and we are actually getting some nice, warm weather.

And finally, I'm trying to spin as thin and consistent as possible - according to Mum "I wouldn't want to knit with that... its like sewing thread!" - I take that as a compliment! I'd like to ply this with another strand of the same and then see if its thin enough to do a cobweb shawl - or an 'almost' cobweb shawl. This is actually a very pale green, dyed in the leftover dye liquid from the green rainbow dye. The colour is too subtle really and I think I might re-dye it once I've finished the spinning and plying. I'll wait and see though, the colour may become more obvious once its plied.

So that's it for the last two weeks! I will be much better in future.... I hope!Posted by Hello

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