Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Socks I Believe!

Okay - its true... I've been bitten by the sock bug big time! This is my first pair of socks ever and knitted for moi of course. I used Opal Magic in colour 1035 and the pattern that came with the kit. It was actually surprisingly easy! I was a bit concerned about the heel and gusset shaping but that turned out to be quite logical. I tried to match the stripes but did get it quite right - if you look at the toes you will see they don't quite match. I think I only missed a perfect match by about 2 rows!

Meg (bestest friend in Australia) and my Mum both have ordered pairs so of course I had to buy more yarn. So sad! :-) Naturally, while buying the yarn for them I just had to get more for me! Meg's sock is below and for Mum I got Opal Magic colour 1036 - lovely blues. For me, I picked the Opal Rodeo colour 1153 which is a fab bright mix of yellow, orange, blue, purple with the cream variegated with green. Sounds awful but the picture looked good on the Get Knitted website and I love the colours and can't wait to get knitting.

Also, I had an attack of the guilts seeing as I had shamefully neglected my cardigan. Last night I had a blitz and finished the left front and this morning I started the right front. After knitting on 2.25mm needles with 4 ply wool, knitting with DK on 4mm felt like knitting with rope on telegraph poles!

Seeing as I originally started this blog to track my spinning(!) I have to report that it is going well. I'm still spinning the purple rainbow dyed tops on my drop spindle. I decided to rip out the scarf and once I've finished the spinning I will start it again. Think I might do some sort of lacy pattern. Posted by Hello

Meg's sock in Opal Magic colour 1051, the colour just doesn't come out true! Its a much more vibrant aqua/teal than it shows here. I've had a bit of a nightmare getting this sock started. In the first 30 odd rows I came across 2 knots and a place where one of the plies was cut! I was soooo annoyed! After I'd calmed down a bit I decided just to cut it off and start again after the second knot and so far everything is okay. It had to happen on something I was knitting for someone else - the yarn for the pair I just finished for me was perfect. Grrrrr! Posted by Hello

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