Friday, May 06, 2005

Spinning... I Don't Believe It!

Yes, I've finally been good and got going on some spinning again. These are the tops I dyed a couple of weeks ago. The ones at the front are the original rainbow dyes, 50 gms merino tops in 500 ml of water, and I have to say I'm impressed with both of these even as they are. The two at the back are also 50 gms of merino but dyed in the leftover dye liquid. They are quite pale but still slightly variegated. I'm thinking of alternating spinning them with their matching rainbows. Not too sure yet though.

I'd been spinning up the purple rainbow dyed tops and got a bit bored of the same colour. So I finished up the bit I was doing, set the spin and its drying at the moment. Then I decided to spin some of the green rainbow dyed tops in the pic above. Well! Am I impressed? You bet! I loved the way the purple spun up but the green is even better! It reminds me of the sea.

I used up the rest of the leftover dye liquid from the purple rainbow that looked a 'claret' red in the jar. When I dyed with it, I got quite a purplish raspberry colour, the second lot came out peach coloured and the third and final lot came out more of an apricot. Amazing differences. I will post some pictures once they are dry. I must admit I didn't do this very scientifically! I just grabbed a handful of tops and shoved them in the dye pot - obviously I don't expect to reproduce these! I feel a bit like a mad scientist - its fab!

The socks and cardigan are still progressing. I ripped out most of the right front of the cardigan as the buttonholes were spaced unevenly even though I had followed the pattern. I hate that! So I took it out and adjusted the spacing and it looks much better. Posted by Hello


Katie said...

I was just wondering what type of dye you were using for this.
I think that these look really good. I have been trying me had and hand dying also. I am using cotton. I have pictures on my blog:

Sue said...

Hi Katie, thanks for your question.

I use 'Easy Peasy' dyes (for animal fibres) that I get from a supplier here in the UK and I just followed the directions to get the rainbow dye effect. I'm pretty sure you could use the same technique on cotton but you would have to use dyes that are specifically for cotton.

The instructions I followed are to mix up 2gms of each colour of the dye powder into 100mls of warm water. Put the tops or yarn into a pot and barely cover with water. Measure 7mls of the lighter colour and squirt randomly onto the tops or yarn and then measure 4 mls of the darker colour and squirt that onto the tops, overlappiing some of the areas of lighter colour. You then bring to a simmer and simmer for 30 minutes, let it cool for at least 10 minutes. Rinse until the water runs clear.

You have some lovely yarn on your blog! Just going back for a longer look. :-)