Saturday, June 04, 2005

Another Finished Object

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The first comment I got when I showed my finished cardi to anyone was 'What a lovely colour!' I agree it is a lovely colour... and it fits... and its comfy. Perfect then!

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I've been bad... I've been on Ebay... I got a really good deal! I got 13 x 28 gm balls of Jaeger 2ply Faerie-spun 100% wool for £2.50! Okay the postage doubled the price but still an excellent bargain. Its a nice soft light grey colour and I think I will over dye it because I don't really do grey. I was originally thinking of using the green rainbow dye technique in the hope that I will get a sort of 'stormy sea' effect but I don't think the grey is dark enough. Hmmmmm... will have to have a think about it. I'm planning to knit a light and lacy shawl or stole with it. Shetland lace kind of idea.

I joined the Six Sox Knitalong a couple of months ago. I joined right at the end of their first year and didn't actually knit any of that year's socks but I have started the first one for this new year - meet 'Chutes & Ladders':

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I'm knitting it with the leftover cardi wool - DK on 2.75mm needles. These socks are going to be bullet-proof but very, very warm! They are going to be my 'Its freezing and I don't wanna take the dog for a walk but I gotta' socks.

Speaking of the dog, here is the sleepy well-behaved version:

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This is Maxi the nearly 8 month old border collie puppy. This is *not* a normal event! It has taken me a long time to get a good 'still' shot of him. This is the usual Max-in-motion:

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That's my hand and yes, I still have all the fingers! He is a lovely dog but extremely lively and I wouldn't have him any other way.


Lesha said...

Cute cardi!

Sue said...

Thanks, I like it!

mf said...

Cardi Looks wonderful!! Yes Love the color also looks like it'd match your socks there pretty well..
Great dying too!!