Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cat & Mouse

I was using bits of wool tied into circles as stitch markers for my mysterystolealong but they were driving me nuts! They kept slipping over stitches and once I knitted one in - argh! - luckily it was easy enough to undo the knot and put it back in the right place. I got sick of them this morning when I found one of them undone on my lap, so decided to have a go at making some stitch markers and this is the result:

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I've got a stash of beads and findings from my bead weaving/jewellery making days so it was easy find the materials to make these. I haven't wrapped the posts before though and they are a bit messy but practice makes perfect and these are working fine! I've had the cat and mouse beads for years, I originally bought them to put on a beaded amulet bag which I never got around to designing or making. Now they can play 'Tom & Jerry' all over my knitting. :-) The needle is a 4.5mm just to give a size perspective.


Tracy said...

They're great fun and so easy to do aren't they? I use them all the time now, takes the bother out of counting!

mf said...

They look GREAT!! Love those beads!