Sunday, June 19, 2005


I haven't got a lot of knitting progress to show this week so I'm resorting the to 'ahhhhhhhhh!' factor and posting gratuitous cute dog pics! Max, also know as His Poochness, had a bath this morning and is all lovely and fluffy. It also seemed to wear him out (good!) but not half as much as it wore me out! Anyway, here he is in all his fluffy-ness:

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Awwwww!! what a sweetie!

Now to some fibre-y stuff! I've been working on my Shetland Lace sampler scarf and have almost finished. I just had to rip out 2 rows though because I'd dropped a stitch, picked it up 'wrong' and then couldn't figure out how to fix it without frogging 2 rows - damn! Pictures will follow once its finished, blocked and looking its best!

I've decided to 're-cycle' two of my old shop-bought jumpers that I don't wear anymore. The first is one I used to wear all the time and its 100% silk! I don't think I ever noticed that until I started pulling it to pieces and actually read the labels. It was made by Table 8 and I must have had it for about 13-15 years. This is it:

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The other one is a cream aran type that is lovely as it is but I keep looking at it and thinking 'I would like to have a go at knitting something like that...' :-) And think how much more pleasure I would get out of wearing an aran jumper I had made myself. I have started unravelling the silk one but the aran one is still alive and kicking... at the moment...

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Kathleen said...

Welcome to the knit blog ring. Your dog is goregous!