Saturday, June 11, 2005

One Sock Down

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Hurrah! Finally finished the first of the Six Sox Knitalong's 'Chutes and Ladders'. This sock looks absolutely enormous so I had to figure a way to take a halfway decent picture of it on my foot and still get the cabling pattern. I think managed it! I took this photo of my foot resting on the wall and then had to turn it upside down so it didn't look totally bizarre. Thank goodness for photo editing software! I haven't knitted much in the evenings this week, been so so tired thanks to work. When I have knitted, I've been doing my sampler scarf of Shetland lace and I haven't got very far on that either!

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The patterns I've done so far are New Shell at the beginning and Horseshoe closest to the needle. The yarn is the Jaeger 2 ply I dyed last weekend. I like the way the colours are pooling although I know this drives some knitters nuts!

I also attempted my first Kool Aid dyeing today and the jury is still out on that one. I dyed another ball of the Jaeger with Pink Lemonade and its quite patchy. I'm hoping its going to look variegated pink/lilac but fear it will be pink/grey - we'll see. Pictures to follow when its dry.

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ShelbyD said...

Your yarn is quite lovely!