Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Is It Summer?

You'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise on the evidence of the grey, misty, murky weather and my finished objects - a scarf and handwarmers.

I finished the handwarmers from the 'Spin It!' book a while ago but never got around to posting a pic, so here it is.
These are made from 100% merino yarn I dyed and spun on my drop spindle. The yarn is quite thick, probably about aran weight I would think, and it is still a bit uneven but a lot better than the purple in the scarf below.

The scarf is from the same merino tops but the spinning is really uneven.

I started knitting up the scarf just to see what the yarn would look like and then my Mum took a shine to it so I thought I'd finish it. I still wasn't sure if I liked it until I blocked it. I know everyone who knits lace says you musn't judge it until its blocked but its hard to believe until you see the difference. The blocking has really made this scarf!

I knitted it in the 'Old Shale' (or 'Feather and Fan') pattern on 8mm needles and used about 75gm of yarn. Its about 15cm wide and 120cm long.

My spinning skill is developing all the time and, although I'm itching to get a wheel, I love what I'm able to do with the drop spindle. The yarn I'm spinning at the moment will probably turn out to be about 4ply in weight by the time I've plied it. Its a very pale green and I think, if I can spin enough, I'd like to use it to knit the shawl in the mystery shawl KAL. Better get spinning then!

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