Saturday, July 30, 2005

Post Mad

I've been a bit of a blogging demon this week but that's what happens when they let me off work and I have time to play!

I thought I'd ply the pale green singles I've been spinning because I wanted to see if the resulting yarn would be okay to use for the mystery shawl. Well, what can I say! There are still dodgy patches but the overall thickness is very similar to the Jaeger 2ply I got off Ebay a while ago (my back-up contingency yarn if it all goes pear-shaped!) The picture shows my little skein with the grey Jaeger and a pencil for size comparison.

This little skein only weighs about 5gm and is about 20 metres long. So a long way to go yet, but its a start. Think I'll use to do a test swatch and see how it looks and that will give me an idea of needle size too - probably will go for 4.5mm.

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