Friday, July 29, 2005

Something New

I've just taught myself how to start a sock toe-up with short row shaping and I have to say I'm impressed with the technique and rather pleased with myself! I'm using a pair of socks I promised to knit for my Mum as the guinea pig. Mum, like all mum's the world over, will love these socks just because I made them for her. So even if they turn out a bit dodgy, she'll love them. Bless her. :-)

To learn this technique, I used a combination of Wendy Johnson's article on Knitty and one of the fab videos from Knitting Help. This first picture shows the provisional cast-on and the toe after I had completed wrapping the stitches. It took me two attempts to do it correctly, not too bad!

This pic shows a close up of the wrapped stitiches.

Next, you knit up the stiches that you wrapped and the toe starts to form.

Here's what the beginning of the side looks like.

Once you've knitted up all the wrapped stitches, you take out the provisional cast on, pick up the stitches and divide them evenly over your needles.

A pic of the side and a close-up.

Finally, a couple of pics after several straight rows.

The thing I like most about this technique is it gets around the really fiddly 'knitting with a hedgehog' stage when you first cast on top-down. Also, the shaping is very tidy. Progress seems really fast but that is probably an illusion created by the fact that I'm not ribbing immediately. Best of all you can try them on as you go along making sure they fit. Mum has tried it and yes, it fits!

Something else new... I had a little stash enhancement arrive in the post this morning from Get Knitted. Ordered yesterday arrived today - can't ask for better than that! The pink is Opal Uni colour 15 and is for the Six-Sox-Knitalong's August socks (we've been given a hint that the socks will look best in a solid colour). The multi-colour is Opal Rodeo Cotton (actually 48% cotton, 39% wool and 13% polyamide) colour 1170, no reason just liked it. :-) Finally, I also got a 2.5mm 80cm long Addi circular to have a go at 'magic loop' socks.

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