Sunday, August 28, 2005

An FO & A New WIP

I've finally finished Mum's socks. I think they take the record for reluctant progress, I just got a bit bored with them and it took quite a lot of moaning at myself to finish them! Mum loves them, but then she would - she's my Mum!! :-) They're made with Opal Magic colour 1036 knitted on 2.5mm dpns.

I haven't done a lot of knitting this week because I've been on earlies at work and just too tired when I got home. Also, I got a migraine on Friday and I'm still suffering the after effects. So I thought a little bit of brainless knitting might help.

This is a fisherman's rib scarf knitted in Sirdar Denim Ultra on 8mm needles. It is lovely and warm. I've got 5 x 100gm balls that I got in a sale - the whole lot only cost £3.50. I think I may have enough for a hat as well as the scarf but I'll have to wait to see how the scarf length goes first. I've got over 40cm out of the first ball.

Here's a close-up of the stitch.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Cable Update

Finally managed to get it right! After that last post I discovered another mistake further back. This is a pic of one full repeat of the cable. I think three repeats will give the length needed for the sleeve band.

Bored, Bored, Bored, So...

...I start something new!

I've hit a bit of a wall with all of my WIPs. Mum's socks are progressing. I'm about halfway up the leg of the second sock and the end is in sight but I'm sooooo bored with them. It's a real slog to keep going. I'm finding it hard to work on my Six Sox socks because I feel guilty about Mum's not being finished. No progress there then. Branching Out is going to come off the needles because I haven't touched it in over a month. I think I might make it wider like some people have and once I've sorted out the wider pattern I will start it again. The mystery shawl is in disgrace. I haven't worked on it this week because I've been too tired after work. I picked it up on Friday night did two rows and had to rip them out. So it's in timeout. Actually, I should be in disgrace because I knew I was too tired to work on it.

Anyway, on with the new! I've decided to make this. I love the celtic cable pattern. Of course, I started it this afternoon with Sirdar Calypso 100% Cotton. Not sure if the cotton is going to be suitable but I got dead on with the gauge swatch so I will persevere for the time being. It's the first time I've knitted cables from a chart and so far so good.


Can you see the mistake? This pic shows it better. I purled when I should have knitted or I held the cable needle to the back when it needed to be at the front or vice versa. Doh! Easily fixed though and only a couple of rows back. Must pay better attention. I was getting comfy with the cables and this is the result!

That's it for knitting content today, its been a slow week. I've got a bit of a treat though, a gratuitous dog shot because it's been a while. Max, for some obscure reason known only to his doggy self, likes sleeping with his head in a cupboard! Well we don't call him Mad Max for nothing...

Sorry about the yellow tint to this pic, Max is halfway up the stairs and it's really dark there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Now Don't Ya Just...

...hate it when you totally, selfishly have a rant about getting home late from work. Then you find out that one of the people in the accident that caused said lateness died at the scene and the other was airlifted to hospital. I feel awful. At least I got home.

I left work an hour early today and got home about 5pm. I am truly grateful that I am in one piece.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gotta Love...

Public transport... NOT! It took me two and a half hours to get home from work tonight. The distance? A whopping 10 miles. My bus was due at 5.20 but is so often late that if it turns up within 15 minutes of that time I consider myself lucky. Sadly there was a bad accident on the motorway tonight and that made the bus late - one hour and 38 minutes late. Unavoidable and unpredictable and not the bus company's fault but still we are their customers, paying customers. Did the driver apologise? No. Did anyone at the bus station come and tell us what caused the delay? No.

When the bus finally got to my town the driver informed us that 'you lot' were being moved to another bus. The reasoning behind this was that the bus I was on left the city where I work at the time that the bus going in the other direction was due to leave there. The bus coming in the other direction had left that town at the time my bus was due to leave it. Still with me? So. Because the other bus driver was a 'big bloke' and would take too long to swap buses, the drivers had decided to move 'us lot' instead. Was that other bus anywhere in sight? You guessed it... No.

I waited 5 minutes and then gave up and walked the rest of the way home. That took 15 minutes. 10 miles equals two and a half hours. Fab.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I decided to have a go at producing a novelty yarn. As I was spinning up the 'antique rose' tops (dyed to exhaust the purple rainbow dye liquid from ages ago), I got to wondering what they would look like plied with a metallic thread. My first thought was to use silver but I couldn't find that amongst all my millions of bits and bobs so I used DMC 'Fil or clair' light gold thread. Goodness knows how long this has been sitting around waiting for me to find a use for it - must be at least 5 or 6 years!

I plied one single with the thread and then decided that it would help the gold thread remain part of the yarn if I plied another single with it. The singles were originally spun with a z twist so I did the first ply as an s twist. This made the gold thread quite twisty so for the third ply I used a z twist again. This has made a difference but the gold thread is quite loopy and I think it would be a PITA to knit with. I think it might be a 'just to look at' skein. :-)

The colour hasn't come through very well either. It is a slightly cooler, purplish pink than my camera caught.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm so depressed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mystery Shawl Clue 2

I've finished the second clue for the Mystery Shawl KAL with a little help from the Lord of the Rings. Believe me a 3 hour-ish movie is great for moving the knitting along!

I had to frog back to below my lifeline that I'd put in at about row 60 when I noticed a rogue thread lying across the front of a stitch. That was slightly soul destroying. Things went very smoothly today though and I'm just about to put in anther lifeline. Better safe than sorry. :-)

In the picture, it looks like there are darker green stripes but when you see the shawl 'in person' they are barely visible. I've obviously still got a lot to learn about dyeing!

This close-up shows the pattern that is developing. I can't wait to see it finished and blocked. The next clue is released on Friday but my progress will be slowing down quite a bit after this weekend as its back to work next week and I think this will be a 'good light and not tired' project.

Mum's Socks

We have progress. We have one completed sock. We have one toe started.

I think these are a bit short but Mum tried them on and thinks they're perfect. I had to fight with her to get the completed sock back. It was ugly. Two supposedly mature women fighting over a sock. I only won by describing in vivid detail how monstrous the second sock would be if I couldn't compare it to the first. I also threatened her with the dreaded 'SSS' - single sock syndrome. I mean to say, how could I possibly feel guilty about not working on the second sock if the first one wasn't looking at me with big, sad, lonely puppy sock eyes?

So, its started. Sock two. For the Ma. Who is knitting a scarecrow by the way.

A last thought and it's a horrible one. It's August 10. I have to go back to work on August 15. Where has my three weeks of holiday gone? A sad, sad day. Suppose I ought to think about some ironing. {{{shudder}}}

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So, I'm...

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

...the most evil dark wizard in a hundred years. Mwha mwha ha ha.

I'll have a sock to post later. Really.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

In The Frog Pond

Well this week has been a week of knit a little, rip a little. I think I've finally managed to get the mystery shawl under control. I'm about halfway through the second clue after ripping it all out and starting again on Friday. Once I finish clue 2 I'll post a pic.

The Amble sock also visited the frog pond. I'd just finished the heel shaping when I noticed that I'd made two mistakes in the twist stitches - two of them leaned the wrong way, different columns same side of sock. After much agonising (I'm a bit of a perfectionist!) I decided that it didn't matter. I could wear them with the mistakes on the inside of my leg and no-one but I would know. Halfway down the foot and horror of horrors! I'd made a mistake in the diamond patterns right on the top of the foot! Right. That does it. RIIIIIPPPPPP! So now I'm back to where I was when I posted the last picture. Ah well! Once again, a pic will follow later when I have something to show for all this knitting!

It hasn't all been horrendous though! I did rip out Mum's sock because I discovered I'd lost a stitch and no amount of searching would locate it. Another agonising decision but I decided that it could cause big problems if it was there waiting to run all over the place if I left it. So after much re-knitting I've finally turned my first short row heel. I like it! Toe up socks are the thing for me I think.

Here's a close-up of the heel.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Six-Sox Progress

Here is my progress on the August pattern for the Six-Sox KAL. I really like this and it is fun to knit too. My (ahem) 'trial run' (where I got the twist stitch wrong) really helped because I've knitted this pattern so often now it's got stuck in my brain and a quick glance at the beginning of a round is all I need to get me going. That's not to say that the occasional bit of tinking isn't still going on! This is 3 full repeats of the pattern and I have one more before I start the heel flap. I just love this colour too, it's Opal Uni #15 and knitted on 2.5mm dpns.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mystery Clue 1

The first clue for the Mystery Shawl KAL was released yesterday. Here is my knitted up version of it. The first few rows were a bit of a problem but the designer, Renee, did an absolutely sterling job of sorting it out while we were all whining! :-) I'd fudged my own solution by the time the correction was posted and decided to stick with it as it looks ok. I have, of course, kept a note of what I did for future reference.

The August/September sock for the Six Sox KAL also came out yesterday. I don't have a pic of that yet as I'd knitted a few rows into the second pattern repeat when I realised that I'd done the twist stitch wrong so... frog, frog, frog. Very annoying! I'm back on track now and will have a pic later today.