Sunday, August 14, 2005


I decided to have a go at producing a novelty yarn. As I was spinning up the 'antique rose' tops (dyed to exhaust the purple rainbow dye liquid from ages ago), I got to wondering what they would look like plied with a metallic thread. My first thought was to use silver but I couldn't find that amongst all my millions of bits and bobs so I used DMC 'Fil or clair' light gold thread. Goodness knows how long this has been sitting around waiting for me to find a use for it - must be at least 5 or 6 years!

I plied one single with the thread and then decided that it would help the gold thread remain part of the yarn if I plied another single with it. The singles were originally spun with a z twist so I did the first ply as an s twist. This made the gold thread quite twisty so for the third ply I used a z twist again. This has made a difference but the gold thread is quite loopy and I think it would be a PITA to knit with. I think it might be a 'just to look at' skein. :-)

The colour hasn't come through very well either. It is a slightly cooler, purplish pink than my camera caught.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm so depressed.



I think the rose and gold looks beautiful. Fancy using it to join a sparkal KAL with glittrgirl?

natasha said...

it is gorgeous! you should post more spinning and dyeing pictures! really! i think that it would look gorgeous made into a wrap or a scarf to wear with jeans. in a loose knit...very pretty!

Claire said...

You should definitely knit that beauty up :-) Although I definitely know the attraction of a 'just to look at skein', usually the verigated type though... as they always looke better skeined than knitted (I reckon)