Sunday, August 07, 2005

In The Frog Pond

Well this week has been a week of knit a little, rip a little. I think I've finally managed to get the mystery shawl under control. I'm about halfway through the second clue after ripping it all out and starting again on Friday. Once I finish clue 2 I'll post a pic.

The Amble sock also visited the frog pond. I'd just finished the heel shaping when I noticed that I'd made two mistakes in the twist stitches - two of them leaned the wrong way, different columns same side of sock. After much agonising (I'm a bit of a perfectionist!) I decided that it didn't matter. I could wear them with the mistakes on the inside of my leg and no-one but I would know. Halfway down the foot and horror of horrors! I'd made a mistake in the diamond patterns right on the top of the foot! Right. That does it. RIIIIIPPPPPP! So now I'm back to where I was when I posted the last picture. Ah well! Once again, a pic will follow later when I have something to show for all this knitting!

It hasn't all been horrendous though! I did rip out Mum's sock because I discovered I'd lost a stitch and no amount of searching would locate it. Another agonising decision but I decided that it could cause big problems if it was there waiting to run all over the place if I left it. So after much re-knitting I've finally turned my first short row heel. I like it! Toe up socks are the thing for me I think.

Here's a close-up of the heel.


Allena said...

LOL that looks good i've decided to do all my socks with the short row heel and toe it's sooo much easier and faster than the other way.... i found this website very helpful!
i hope it works for you!
have a great day!

Daisy said...

Which pattern are you using for the short row heel? I'm still using the Opal basic pattern and want to move on!

Annie said...

I agree with you absolutely about the short-row heel. It just looks so much neater. I'm knitting two socks on one needle at present and the short-row heels couldn't have been easier.