Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mum's Socks

We have progress. We have one completed sock. We have one toe started.

I think these are a bit short but Mum tried them on and thinks they're perfect. I had to fight with her to get the completed sock back. It was ugly. Two supposedly mature women fighting over a sock. I only won by describing in vivid detail how monstrous the second sock would be if I couldn't compare it to the first. I also threatened her with the dreaded 'SSS' - single sock syndrome. I mean to say, how could I possibly feel guilty about not working on the second sock if the first one wasn't looking at me with big, sad, lonely puppy sock eyes?

So, its started. Sock two. For the Ma. Who is knitting a scarecrow by the way.

A last thought and it's a horrible one. It's August 10. I have to go back to work on August 15. Where has my three weeks of holiday gone? A sad, sad day. Suppose I ought to think about some ironing. {{{shudder}}}

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