Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It Should Have Rained Today...

...and then I wouldn't have gone shopping. The sweater came from a charity shop, cost £3.50 and I'm going to unpick it and re-use the yarn. The drop spindle (£3.00) and the 4.5mm dpns (£1.25) came from the little craft shop in my town which has recently changed ownership. I've been meaning to get in there for ages but just haven't got around to it.

The drop spindle is practically identical to the one I already have and it has already done some plying for me. I was very good in only buying the spindle. They had an Ashford Kiwi on display and the guy in the shop was tempting me big time by telling me I could pay it off by instalments. I was strong... actually I think I was mad! Might go back on Saturday! They also had some fibre and carders and bobbins and and and... **slap!!** ok, I feel better now. They had a large range of what looked like mostly second hand knitting needles and lots of the larger sizes of dpns. Ruh roh! as Scooby Doo would say.

I'm quite proud of my spinning efforts. I'm still a bit inconsistent with the thickness but I'm producing yarn I actually want to use. This little lot is heading for the dyepot once I have some more spun.

I've officially given up on the Mystery Shawl. Its been sitting on the needles since the end of clue 3 and I've just lost interest in it. Its not that I don't like the pattern because I've seen others completed and they look fabulous I just don't think its 'me'. So its frogged. I've balled up the yarn and its now going to be Branching Out which I'd started a while ago but didn't like in the pink yarn I was using. Goodness, its all change around here!

I've managed 3 repeats of the cable pattern on the band for the back of Kepler so I'm not going to be getting a lot of that done before I go back to work tomorrow. Oh well, I'm sure having fun playing with my new toys!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I have two days off work! Tuesday and Wednesday are odd days but never mind, it is two days off after all. And I have progress! I even have another FO!

Firstly, today's sky. I love this pic but I think we might be in for some rain. In the few minutes since I took this the sky has got a lot greyer! Ah well, I'm set for the day - lots of knitting and no need to go out at all. :-)

I now own a pair of mittens. Everyone at work loved them and tried them on. One of our temps used them as glove puppets and kept us amused for quite a while! I have to take a sample of the eyelash yarn into work as the non-knitters just couldn't get how I'd managed to make the cuffs! I'm definitely addicted to mittens and will be making more... lots more.

Kepler is now the proud owner of two sleeves. I want to get started on the back today and if I can get it mostly finished while I'm off work I'll be a happy little bunny.

And finally, one of the women at work said she'd seen a woman knitting on the bus and immediately thought of me. :-) Now, I suffer horrendously from motion sickness and sometimes even just chatting to someone on the bus can make me feel queasy. As you can imagine this means I usually just sit and gaze out of the window but yesterday I thought I'd give knitting a go. Well, I'll be! I can knit on the bus! I started this sock off on Sunday so I only had to do fairly mindless stocking stitch. I'm using the magic loop method so I don't have to worry about dropping and losing one of my dpns. The yarn is Opal Rodeo colour #1153. A wild and crazy combination of colours but I love it and I'm going to let it do it's own thing and not try to match the stripes.

Can't wait for the new Six Sox KAL sock to be revealed on Saturday. I'm not going to choose my yarn until I see the pattern. I don't have a stash to speak of (shock! horror!) so sadly I'll have to go shopping.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Busy Little Beaver

It's amazing! I have another FO! I finished off the Fisherman's rib scarf yesterday. It is really warm! I've given it to Mum and will make another one for me I think, or maybe not, it might be a little too warm for me.

I've also finished my first mitten and am about half finished on the second one. They are too big even though I used less stitches than the Knitty article said. Ah well, they'll do for now and I will just have to knit another pair, I have plenty of yarn left over. Mittens could become the new socks I really enjoyed making them and they are very quick knits!

Proof that I still spin - here's a pic of what is on my spindle.

Finally, today's sky - not a very interesting one! I took it mainly as a constrast to yesterday's misty pics. This is the same view as yesterday's second pic and is actually the view from my bedroom window - no surprises about why I love living here!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Finally! Here are the Amble socks. No thanks to Blogger.

All Ambled Out

At last! The promised pic of my completed Amble socks for the Six Sox KAL. Next on the must finish list is my scarf knitted with the Sirdar Denim Ultra and then Kepler. In the meantime of course, I have started knitting something new. I'm using the Mittens 101 article at Knitty to knit myself a pair of mittens. I lost my lovely leather gloves last year so I do need a replacement. Naturally, I've been a bit creative - if it works you'll be the first to know!

WELL!! I've been trying and trying and TRYING to upload my Amble pic and Blogger won't have it! This is the first time this has happened to me although I know it's happened to others.

As a short term fix, go here to see the pic and I will try again later to upload it.

Ever Changing

Well, I really enjoyed Sandy's sky pictures contest. Congrats to Wannietta and Cheryl for their winning pics! Thanks to Sandy for thinking of such a brilliant idea and for making such a lovely comment about my pics! (And, no, I didn't get rained on once yesterday - must have been fate!) In fact, I enjoyed the sky pics so much I'm going to make 'my skies' a regular feature I think.

So to start off with completely contrasting pictures to yesterday's - here is this morning's sky. Heavy mist taken only 10 minutes later than yesterday's pics at 06.56. All the mist was blushed a delicate pink, its a shame my camera couldn't capture it that well. Enjoy!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Red Sky In The Morning...

Sandy has this fab thing going on a her blog at the moment where she has started people off on showing sky pictures on their blogs. We've had some glorious sunrises this week so here is my contribution. Its a bit of over kill because I couldn't choose which picture I liked best! The first three are of this morning's sunrise taken at 6.45 am as I was walking to work. The last two are of this afternoon's skies and yes we little shepherds (or sailors) were warned - it has rained quite a lot today!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Odd Things

People are weird. Occasionally it back fires on them though. Like the nutter who did a search for 'mature women fighting' and got my blog. :-D On August 10th I blogged about my Mum and me having a (pretend) fight over her giving me back sock number one so I could knit sock number two to match. Well some poor, deluded soul googled 'mature women fighting' and the first hit on a massive list of... wait for it... three(!!) hits was my blog. How disappointed must the poor sap have been to find a knitting blog! I'm still snorting and chuckling.

On a theme more in line with the usual, I've finished my Six Sox KAL Amble socks! I've really enjoyed knitting these but they seem to have taken forever. Probably because I've found them to be high concentration socks. This is a gratuitous almost there pic taken yesterday. I'll have a proper pic of the completed socks soon, it's too dark to take pics at the moment. I might have to pose them provocatively... to keep the mad, sad Googlers happy. Snort!

Sunday, September 11, 2005


One and a bit sleeves done! I really like this pattern, it's easy to follow and knits up fast. I just love that celtic cable. I'm using Sirdar Calypso DK Cotton and 5.5mm needles. I got the yarn on sale and 10 balls cost £5.95 so it will be a good bargain price for the sweater as well!

It seems a bit smaller than I'd like but it is cotton and will stretch while I'm wearing it so I'm not stressing!

Other than that its been another week with minimal week-time knitting. I seem to be doing all my knitting on the weekends at the moment.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sock & Scarf

I'm feeling a bit smug because I actually finished my first Amble sock! Now I just have to get going on the second sock.

This is the progress so far on the fisherman's rib scarf. It's just over a metre in length at the moment and I've just joined in the third ball. I had a bit of a bonus discovery too. This pack of yarn only cost me £3.50 and should have had 5 x 100gm balls but it had 6! That's less than 60 pence per ball - bargain! So I should have enough for a hat too. I'll start the hat before I finish off the scarf then whatever yarn is left over, I'll add on to the scarf length.

A close up.

The colours are a bit off because I took the photos really early this morning and it was in very hazy sunshine.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ch-ch-ch Changes

I've had a little change of image. :-) While the 'out-of-the-packet' blogger templates are nice, I wanted something a bit different. Although my html writing skills are very rudimentary they were enough to tailor some of the things in the template without giving me the ability to customise it the way I really wanted. I stumbled across this site which has templates, most of which didn't appeal to me but this purple one is just what I like! I want to do a bit more tweaking but what I've done already has taught me heaps about how the template works.

It's been another slowish week knitting-wise but I have made progress on the scarf I started last week. Sadly, it's just longer - not very exciting! I've also been working a bit on my Amble socks for the Six Sox KAL. I've shamefully neglected them but I'm determined to get the first sock finished this weekend. Pictures to follow tomorrow.

Like everyone else in blogland I've been horrified by devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The thing that has upset me most though is the absolutely terrible and selfish reaction of some people. They are a minority but unfortunately they have the ability to make a bad situation even worse. I only hope that the criminal behaviour of these few is soon curbed. I'm not much of a political animal, especially over a foreign country, but surely the people affected by the hurricane deserve better than to be robbed, raped and murdered when they have already suffered so much. This is the only comment I will make about this and it is only my opinion that I don't expect anyone else to share or agree with, just something I needed to say.