Saturday, September 24, 2005

All Ambled Out

At last! The promised pic of my completed Amble socks for the Six Sox KAL. Next on the must finish list is my scarf knitted with the Sirdar Denim Ultra and then Kepler. In the meantime of course, I have started knitting something new. I'm using the Mittens 101 article at Knitty to knit myself a pair of mittens. I lost my lovely leather gloves last year so I do need a replacement. Naturally, I've been a bit creative - if it works you'll be the first to know!

WELL!! I've been trying and trying and TRYING to upload my Amble pic and Blogger won't have it! This is the first time this has happened to me although I know it's happened to others.

As a short term fix, go here to see the pic and I will try again later to upload it.

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