Sunday, September 25, 2005

Busy Little Beaver

It's amazing! I have another FO! I finished off the Fisherman's rib scarf yesterday. It is really warm! I've given it to Mum and will make another one for me I think, or maybe not, it might be a little too warm for me.

I've also finished my first mitten and am about half finished on the second one. They are too big even though I used less stitches than the Knitty article said. Ah well, they'll do for now and I will just have to knit another pair, I have plenty of yarn left over. Mittens could become the new socks I really enjoyed making them and they are very quick knits!

Proof that I still spin - here's a pic of what is on my spindle.

Finally, today's sky - not a very interesting one! I took it mainly as a constrast to yesterday's misty pics. This is the same view as yesterday's second pic and is actually the view from my bedroom window - no surprises about why I love living here!

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