Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ch-ch-ch Changes

I've had a little change of image. :-) While the 'out-of-the-packet' blogger templates are nice, I wanted something a bit different. Although my html writing skills are very rudimentary they were enough to tailor some of the things in the template without giving me the ability to customise it the way I really wanted. I stumbled across this site which has templates, most of which didn't appeal to me but this purple one is just what I like! I want to do a bit more tweaking but what I've done already has taught me heaps about how the template works.

It's been another slowish week knitting-wise but I have made progress on the scarf I started last week. Sadly, it's just longer - not very exciting! I've also been working a bit on my Amble socks for the Six Sox KAL. I've shamefully neglected them but I'm determined to get the first sock finished this weekend. Pictures to follow tomorrow.

Like everyone else in blogland I've been horrified by devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The thing that has upset me most though is the absolutely terrible and selfish reaction of some people. They are a minority but unfortunately they have the ability to make a bad situation even worse. I only hope that the criminal behaviour of these few is soon curbed. I'm not much of a political animal, especially over a foreign country, but surely the people affected by the hurricane deserve better than to be robbed, raped and murdered when they have already suffered so much. This is the only comment I will make about this and it is only my opinion that I don't expect anyone else to share or agree with, just something I needed to say.


Daisy said...

Ooh, the new look purple blog looks VERY cool!!

Meggle said...

totally agree with the purple blog - looks fantastic