Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ever Changing

Well, I really enjoyed Sandy's sky pictures contest. Congrats to Wannietta and Cheryl for their winning pics! Thanks to Sandy for thinking of such a brilliant idea and for making such a lovely comment about my pics! (And, no, I didn't get rained on once yesterday - must have been fate!) In fact, I enjoyed the sky pics so much I'm going to make 'my skies' a regular feature I think.

So to start off with completely contrasting pictures to yesterday's - here is this morning's sky. Heavy mist taken only 10 minutes later than yesterday's pics at 06.56. All the mist was blushed a delicate pink, its a shame my camera couldn't capture it that well. Enjoy!


cheryl said...

What a difference between two mornings! And it is a shame that cameras can only capture so much. I felt the same way; there were so many shades of light gold and orange that my camera didn't grasp. But what a great way to discover new blogs!

Sandysknitting said...

It's amazing that the pink was with the mist. That looks amazing!
I'm glad you've decided to show more of your world on your blog. I think that is the fun of blogs. Seeing places we'd never get to see otherwise!
Enjoy your weekend!