Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It Should Have Rained Today...

...and then I wouldn't have gone shopping. The sweater came from a charity shop, cost £3.50 and I'm going to unpick it and re-use the yarn. The drop spindle (£3.00) and the 4.5mm dpns (£1.25) came from the little craft shop in my town which has recently changed ownership. I've been meaning to get in there for ages but just haven't got around to it.

The drop spindle is practically identical to the one I already have and it has already done some plying for me. I was very good in only buying the spindle. They had an Ashford Kiwi on display and the guy in the shop was tempting me big time by telling me I could pay it off by instalments. I was strong... actually I think I was mad! Might go back on Saturday! They also had some fibre and carders and bobbins and and and... **slap!!** ok, I feel better now. They had a large range of what looked like mostly second hand knitting needles and lots of the larger sizes of dpns. Ruh roh! as Scooby Doo would say.

I'm quite proud of my spinning efforts. I'm still a bit inconsistent with the thickness but I'm producing yarn I actually want to use. This little lot is heading for the dyepot once I have some more spun.

I've officially given up on the Mystery Shawl. Its been sitting on the needles since the end of clue 3 and I've just lost interest in it. Its not that I don't like the pattern because I've seen others completed and they look fabulous I just don't think its 'me'. So its frogged. I've balled up the yarn and its now going to be Branching Out which I'd started a while ago but didn't like in the pink yarn I was using. Goodness, its all change around here!

I've managed 3 repeats of the cable pattern on the band for the back of Kepler so I'm not going to be getting a lot of that done before I go back to work tomorrow. Oh well, I'm sure having fun playing with my new toys!

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