Monday, September 19, 2005

Odd Things

People are weird. Occasionally it back fires on them though. Like the nutter who did a search for 'mature women fighting' and got my blog. :-D On August 10th I blogged about my Mum and me having a (pretend) fight over her giving me back sock number one so I could knit sock number two to match. Well some poor, deluded soul googled 'mature women fighting' and the first hit on a massive list of... wait for it... three(!!) hits was my blog. How disappointed must the poor sap have been to find a knitting blog! I'm still snorting and chuckling.

On a theme more in line with the usual, I've finished my Six Sox KAL Amble socks! I've really enjoyed knitting these but they seem to have taken forever. Probably because I've found them to be high concentration socks. This is a gratuitous almost there pic taken yesterday. I'll have a proper pic of the completed socks soon, it's too dark to take pics at the moment. I might have to pose them provocatively... to keep the mad, sad Googlers happy. Snort!


Dixie said...

I get such a laugh over the stuff people Google and they wind up at my blog. Stuff that would make you raise your eyebrows.

And stuff that should make me watch my language!

natasha said...

men are creepy. ewwwwwwwwwww.