Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I have two days off work! Tuesday and Wednesday are odd days but never mind, it is two days off after all. And I have progress! I even have another FO!

Firstly, today's sky. I love this pic but I think we might be in for some rain. In the few minutes since I took this the sky has got a lot greyer! Ah well, I'm set for the day - lots of knitting and no need to go out at all. :-)

I now own a pair of mittens. Everyone at work loved them and tried them on. One of our temps used them as glove puppets and kept us amused for quite a while! I have to take a sample of the eyelash yarn into work as the non-knitters just couldn't get how I'd managed to make the cuffs! I'm definitely addicted to mittens and will be making more... lots more.

Kepler is now the proud owner of two sleeves. I want to get started on the back today and if I can get it mostly finished while I'm off work I'll be a happy little bunny.

And finally, one of the women at work said she'd seen a woman knitting on the bus and immediately thought of me. :-) Now, I suffer horrendously from motion sickness and sometimes even just chatting to someone on the bus can make me feel queasy. As you can imagine this means I usually just sit and gaze out of the window but yesterday I thought I'd give knitting a go. Well, I'll be! I can knit on the bus! I started this sock off on Sunday so I only had to do fairly mindless stocking stitch. I'm using the magic loop method so I don't have to worry about dropping and losing one of my dpns. The yarn is Opal Rodeo colour #1153. A wild and crazy combination of colours but I love it and I'm going to let it do it's own thing and not try to match the stripes.

Can't wait for the new Six Sox KAL sock to be revealed on Saturday. I'm not going to choose my yarn until I see the pattern. I don't have a stash to speak of (shock! horror!) so sadly I'll have to go shopping.

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cheryl said...

Those sleeves look great! I'm interested to see how your Kepler turns out, I have plans to make one too, with some modifications.