Thursday, October 13, 2005

Not The Cheese!

No photo post warning! Mainly because its too dark to get a decent pic but I had to share my first non-merino spinning experience. And its love, love of the truly, madly, deeply kind. In fact, I think I may have to run away and live with them. You know... them... Wensleydale sheepies.

I dyed 50gms of the Wensleydale on the weekend and thanks to the cool wet weather we've been having it seemed to take ages to dry. Tonight I thought I'd just have a quick trial spin and its gorgeous!

First I love the colour. I used my usual rainbow dye proportions - 50gms fibre, 7 mls yellow and 4 mls blue in enough water just to cover the fibre. It's come out a darkish teal with some variagation.

To spin it is an absolute dream! I wouldn't have thought I was any where near a good enough spinner to be able to tell the difference in spinning different fibres but I can feel the difference between the Wensleydale and merino. The Wensleydale slips past itself so smoothly and you can see the sheen on the spun singles. While I was spinning I let it twist back on itself and it looked fantastic! I can't wait to spin the whole 50gms and ply it.

Pics to follow soon, I promise! Meanwhile, back to the new love of my life...

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