Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ooooh! I've been tagged!

And I didn't notice - sorry Mary-Lou!

Ten years ago:

Was living in Australia and working (unhappily!) at a university.

Five years ago:
Hmmmm 2000 was a mixed year for me. Started the year working in London in a post-grad law school. Moved to Wales in the May and away again by Christmas. I loved Wales but not the job I had. Also, this was the year that my father committed suicide - a shock and yet not if you know what I mean. Not a very nice man but still the only father I had. :-)

One year ago:
Just started the job I am still in and I love it. Not yet knitting again or spinning but they were looming closer on the horizon!

Five yummy things:
Home-made wine
Home-made bread
Home-made ice-cream (seeing a pattern here!)
My own handmade soap (not edible-yummy but still yummy)

Five songs I know by heart:
errrmm.... I don't know any full songs by heart but I can sing along (badly) to lots including some opera in Italian no less! :-)

Five things I would do with a LOT of money:
Go to Australia
Make my Mum and sisters very rich people
Live somewhere near the sea or mountains or both if I can swing it
Help lots of animal charities
Set up my own business doing something creative and crafty - thinking of doing this even without a lot of money!

Five places I would love to escape to:
Tough this one is! I've done the South Pacific island thing and the different country thing. Ummmmm... two will have to do:

Five things I would never wear:
I grew up in the 70s I've done it all! LMAO!

Five favourite TV-shows:
call me weird but I don't watch TV

Five things I enjoy doing:
Candle & Soapmaking
Computer games

Favourite toys:
Digital camera
Drop spindle

Five people who get this meme:
Errmmmm... whoever wants to do it!


Life's a Stitch said...

When we moved into our house the boys next door would play basketball and listen to loud rap. I told then if they would turn down the rap I wouldn't sing along with my opera cd's. It was a deal.

Mary-Lou said...

Thank you! - I enjoyed reading it