Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Mosaics Are Finito

Six Sox KAL socks for Oct/Nov are done and dusted. I used Sirdar Country Style 4ply in a navy and light blue. The navy sections were knitted on 2.5mm dpns and the mosaic pattern section on 2.75mm dpns. I quite enjoyed this pattern. It looks quite complicated but was actually quite an easy one to remember. The new pattern is due out tomorrow but I think I will have to leave starting it until I've finished a few of the other things I've got on the needles. Ah well, something to look forward to! Maybe it will be a pattern that will work with some of the yarn I dyed. Hmmmmm... hope so.

Thanks to those who have already visited my Frappr map - I didn't actually expect anyone to notice it! So thank you , thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Lemming

That's what I am. Find me a bandwagon and I'll jump on it! :-)

Please make yourself known on my Frappr map!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nearly A Post

This is only nearly a post because I nearly forgot to make it and I haven't got any finished items or exciting progress pics to show.

I've nearly finished the Six Sox KAL Mosaic socks. They need to be finished by 30 November. Should manage that.

I've nearly finished spinning up the Wensleydale I dyed ages ago. Well actually I'm just over halfway so not really nearly. :-)

I restarted the scarf for my International Scarf Exchange pal because it was too dense and skinny on the needles I was using. I'm nearly back to where I was before I restarted.

I also had to re-start Mum's Broadstreet mittens because she would have been able to wrap them twice around her hands. I only needed to rip it out to the ribbing because that was snug enough. Once again I'm nearly back to where I was a while ago.

I've started a hat for me! I don't usually wear hats because they just don't suit me but with the bad winter they are predicting maybe owning one is a good idea. This is my first hat knitting attempt so we'll see if it turns out nearly good enough!

Oh, and lastly, I nearly started knitting with the sock yarn I dyed but I was strong. It sings a good siren song though. Must. Resist. ;-)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Finished & Progress

Here's a pic of the finished Regia 6ply socks. Knitted on 2.75mm dpns in the colour 5402 'Passion'. I'm wearing them at the moment and they are very nice and warm. I think they are the best pair I've made so far.

Progress is being made on the Ruffles scarf. I've done about 26 inches and need about 85 inches so that's about a third of the way. I've taught myself to knit backwards so I don't need to keep turning for the short rows. Problem is I keep forgetting not to turn and I'm halfway down the row before I think 'Doh!'

Here is the blue, green and yellow Kool Aid sock yarn I dyed last weekend wound up into a ball. I soooooo want to knit with it but I'm bullying myself into finishing other things before I start anything new. I hate me at times. :-)

It's still really foggy and the frost is staying around as well. It's really spooky weather and so cold! My weather pixie in the sidebar has been down to -4 Celsius. Too c-c-c-cold for this mis-placed Aussie!

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Well it looks like winter has arrived at last. We've had some heavy frosts this week the best being on Monday, Thursday and Friday but the weather has been cold, crisp and sunny - gorgeous. Today, however, it looks like this. I took this at about 7.50am and now an hour later I can't see the tree and bushes on the right hand side of the pic the fog has thickened up that much!

This is a close-up of the magnolia on the bottom left of centre in the first pic. The edges of the leaves look like they are coated in sugar! Beautiful.

I've finished the Regia 6ply socks and my Ruffles scarf is growing and I'll post pics later. I've also realised I didn't post Max's birthday entry. Oops! Poor Maxi! I will definitely take and post a pic this weekend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I've been tagged by Jan

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with?

I don't really have one! I much prefer natural fibres to manmade but I'll use anything as long as I like the way it feels. I am rather partial to my own hand spun!

Your favourite needles?

Once again, no real favourite. I have metal Addis, bamboo straights and 'ordinary' metal dpns. I'm not a big fan of plastic straight needles but I have got some large plastic circs that I don't mind. Go figure!

The Worst Thing You've Ever Knitted?

My first and only attempt at knitting a baby bootee. It was GINORMOUS! I don't know what I did wrong but it was awful. I must have another go now that I know I can knit socks to the right size.

Your most favourite knit pattern?

And again I don't really have one. I am rather fond of my toe-up socks but that is less of a pattern and more of a collection of techniques I've cobbled together from various sites on the web.

Most Valuable Knitting Technique

Short rows. Love 'em.

Best Knit Book or Magazine

I don't have a lot of knitting books (yet!) and I don't buy knitting magazines regularly. I am quite impressed with Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy

Favourite Knit-Along

Hmmmmm. I think that would have to be the Six Sox KAL. Although I do suffer from performance pressure as everyone else finishes their socks so quickly!

Favourite Knitwear Designer

Don't have one

The Knit Item You Wear the Most

My hand knitted socks of course!

Which Lucky Knitter Gets this Next?


Sunday, November 13, 2005

More dyeing

Second post for the day but I had to share!

I've wound up the cherry and grape. It's a bit patchy but I like the variegation that gives. This picture was taken outside. I really like this colour combination. I thought it was going to be a big mistake but its turned out exactly as I pictured it! Can't ask for more than that!

I've dyed the yellow, blue and green Kool Aid. I love these colours! I used one sachet of Ice Blue Raspberry, two each of Lemonade and Arctic Apple Green because these colours were too pale with only one sachet. This skein is still sopping wet so the colours will lighten up a bit I imagine once its dry. I've taken two pictures one outside and one inside with no flash. Neither is a perfect representation of the colours - oh well!

My hands and house smell very sweet!

A Good Week

It's been a good week for acquisitions... again! I ordered 'Scarf Style' and 'Simple Socks Plain & Fancy' from Amazon. I love Scarf Style and have already started Ruffles in an old Sirdar mohair/acrylic blend I stole from Mum's stash. I've knitted about 15 inches so far and it needs to be about 7 foot long. I have a way to go yet! It's an interesting knit and quite amazing how the twists appear as if by magic! I only started it yesterday 'just to see how it would look' and I've knitted on nothing else since. Oops!

I was initially disappointed in Simple Socks but after I'd read it through I realised it is going to be one of those books that never makes it on to the bookshelf. I'm sure I will be constantly referring to it. If you want a book of sock patterns this isn't the book for you. If you want a book that will teach you to create socks and mittens in all sizes to suit all feet and hands - this is the one.

I have been doing a few other things.

I also bought this.

And this.

And produced this. It's still a bit wet at the moment and I can't wait for it to dry so I can ball it up and start knitting. I used 1 sachet each of grape and cherry and I'm quite pleased with the result. I was originally going to use two sachets but thought I try one first and see how it turned out. I'm glad because I think two sachets would have been a bit too neon bright for my liking!

I bought two of the Opal skeins so next on the agenda is an attempt at yellow, blue and green. I was already addicted to socks and dyeing but now it's morphed into dyeing for socks. :-) Can't wait to start knitting with it!

Finally, another pic of Max. Next one will be on his birthday! :-)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Of The Pooch

I was going to post a Max pic every day in the lead-up to his first birthday on the 15th November.... ooops! Anyway here is another one. This was taken on the 20th February so he was about 3 months old. It was between his two bouts of serious illness when we thought we were going to lose him.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Back To Work Tomorrow, Boo Hoo!

Here I am at the end of my week off. It's been a mixed week. My cold has almost gone but I keep having little relapses. I've also picked up an ear infection - ouch!

Max has emerged from under the table none the worse for wear for his terror last night. I wonder if it's made him afraid of the dark? Good thing dogs have short memories! Max will be one year old on 15th November so, rather than post new pics, I thought I'd do a bit of a retrospective. So here is a pic taken on the night he came to live with us. He's sooooo little! It's hard to believe now that I could hold him in one hand at this stage.

I've bought myself a niddy noddy. I thought it would be quite awkward to use but I got the hang of it really quickly and its a lot less painful than using my arm to make a skein! It's an Ashford and makes a skein of 150cm or 60 inches.

The Regia 6ply socks are coming along nicely. I've made no attempt to match the stripes but they are managing to get a pretty close match all on their ownsome. The pattern does repeat but not exactly so, although I didn't know that when I started knitting, it means that it was a good idea not to match!

The red blue and green socks are for my Mum and the yarn is the result of stash diving in her stash. Yes, I know its a bit cheeky using her yarn to make her a pair but she doesn't mind as she says she will never make a pair. We'll see! The yarn is a bit of a mystery but I think she has some more in a different colour so I will go hunting sometime and see if I can identify it. I'm not using a pattern for the socks but sort of making one of my own. I'm using what has become my standard toe-up, short row toe and heel pattern and the stripes are being done according to the Fibonacci number sequence. I know there is a pattern on the web for a sweater using Fibonacci stripes but I couldn't find it so I Googled Fibonacci to get the number sequence which is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 etc. I'm using the numbers 2,3,5 & 8 and three colours so the stripes will look random but it will be a repeating pattern over 54 rows. The toes are solid red and the heels will be either blue or green depending on where I am in the colour stripe sequence when I get there. The ribbing will be in whatever colour is left.

Bargain needles from the little craft shop in my town! The 3.75mm dpns cost £1.10, the 3.25mm 80cm circ was 80 pence and the 10mm 80cm circ was 75 pence. Like I said bargain! I had a long chat with the shop owner who is a very lovely lady. She is so enthusiastic and loves to find out what her customers are up to craft-wise. We spent quite a lot of time talking about spinning and she even said if I don't have room for a spinning wheel I could leave it in her shop and sit in there and spin!! Wow! It's been a long time since I met someone as warm and generous as her.

There's recently been a big discussion on the UKHK yahoo list about bad service in yarn shops and, like many others, I've experienced it but certainly not in this case! Nor in the little yarn shop in my town either. The owner of that shop is fabulous as well. Ready to help if you need it but quite happy for you to mooch around on your own after she has greeted you.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Isn't this the most amazing sky? I took this pic around 7am this morning and didn't realise just how brilliant the colours were until I uploaded it just now. It's kind of appropriate really with all the explosions and flashes going on around here and the whole country tonight. It's Guy Fawkes night.

Max, shuddering with fear, has burrowed so far under the table I don't know if he will ever surface again. I was hoping he wouldn't be terrified by fireworks but unfortunately for him, he is.

I'll have knitting pics tomorrow and maybe a Max one too if I can coax him out!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ahhhhh! Holidays!

Well, here I am. Halfway through my week off. I've had a long overdue haircut, knitted some, read some, knitted some, spun some, knitted some, watched DVDs some, knitted some. I think you get the picture! Its a nice relaxing week because I'm still trying to fight off my cold. I had a bit of a relapse on Sunday when my throat was extremely painful again but I think it is finally going away. Good riddance!

When I went out yesterday afternoon to get my haircut, I stopped in at the little yarn shop in my town and bought some Regia 6ply sock yarn in the colour 5402 'Passion'. It is scrummy! I only got two balls (50gms each) so decided to do toe-up-and-knit-till-the-yarn-runs-out socks on 2.75mm dpns. It's creating quite a firm fabric but I didn't take enough money with me to buy needles as well, think I should be using 3.5mm - oh well! I'm not going to try to get the stripes to match because it will waste yarn and I haven't got enough to waste a scrap! I don't have a pattern for socks made in this weight so I'm winging it with a little help from this calculator I found courtesy of the Socknitters group.

I've also made another couple of dishcloths. I've been using the patterns from this site and they are free! The paw print cloth on the left is for my Mum. The pattern on the left is Mabel the mock cable cow and was a lot of fun to knit! That one will be winging its way around the world to my mate in Australia who is besotted with all things cow. :-) The yarn is dishcloth cotton I 'liberated' from Mum's stash.

I think I will be going back into town tomorrow. I might need those 3.5mm needles and more Regia. Also, the market is open on Thursdays and I know there is a stall there that sells dishcloth cotton...