Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ahhhhh! Holidays!

Well, here I am. Halfway through my week off. I've had a long overdue haircut, knitted some, read some, knitted some, spun some, knitted some, watched DVDs some, knitted some. I think you get the picture! Its a nice relaxing week because I'm still trying to fight off my cold. I had a bit of a relapse on Sunday when my throat was extremely painful again but I think it is finally going away. Good riddance!

When I went out yesterday afternoon to get my haircut, I stopped in at the little yarn shop in my town and bought some Regia 6ply sock yarn in the colour 5402 'Passion'. It is scrummy! I only got two balls (50gms each) so decided to do toe-up-and-knit-till-the-yarn-runs-out socks on 2.75mm dpns. It's creating quite a firm fabric but I didn't take enough money with me to buy needles as well, think I should be using 3.5mm - oh well! I'm not going to try to get the stripes to match because it will waste yarn and I haven't got enough to waste a scrap! I don't have a pattern for socks made in this weight so I'm winging it with a little help from this calculator I found courtesy of the Socknitters group.

I've also made another couple of dishcloths. I've been using the patterns from this site and they are free! The paw print cloth on the left is for my Mum. The pattern on the left is Mabel the mock cable cow and was a lot of fun to knit! That one will be winging its way around the world to my mate in Australia who is besotted with all things cow. :-) The yarn is dishcloth cotton I 'liberated' from Mum's stash.

I think I will be going back into town tomorrow. I might need those 3.5mm needles and more Regia. Also, the market is open on Thursdays and I know there is a stall there that sells dishcloth cotton...

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