Sunday, November 20, 2005

Finished & Progress

Here's a pic of the finished Regia 6ply socks. Knitted on 2.75mm dpns in the colour 5402 'Passion'. I'm wearing them at the moment and they are very nice and warm. I think they are the best pair I've made so far.

Progress is being made on the Ruffles scarf. I've done about 26 inches and need about 85 inches so that's about a third of the way. I've taught myself to knit backwards so I don't need to keep turning for the short rows. Problem is I keep forgetting not to turn and I'm halfway down the row before I think 'Doh!'

Here is the blue, green and yellow Kool Aid sock yarn I dyed last weekend wound up into a ball. I soooooo want to knit with it but I'm bullying myself into finishing other things before I start anything new. I hate me at times. :-)

It's still really foggy and the frost is staying around as well. It's really spooky weather and so cold! My weather pixie in the sidebar has been down to -4 Celsius. Too c-c-c-cold for this mis-placed Aussie!

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natasha said...

i love the sock yarn you dyed! the sherbet colors are my makes you feel like it might not be really really cold outside.