Saturday, November 05, 2005


Isn't this the most amazing sky? I took this pic around 7am this morning and didn't realise just how brilliant the colours were until I uploaded it just now. It's kind of appropriate really with all the explosions and flashes going on around here and the whole country tonight. It's Guy Fawkes night.

Max, shuddering with fear, has burrowed so far under the table I don't know if he will ever surface again. I was hoping he wouldn't be terrified by fireworks but unfortunately for him, he is.

I'll have knitting pics tomorrow and maybe a Max one too if I can coax him out!


Dixie said...

That's really gorgeous. Even more beautiful when you see it full size.

Lynne said...

Your sunrise trumps the sunsets we've had in Melbourne recently. So pretty! My DH is in Bristol and he says there's been fireworks every night this last week.