Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Mum's broadstreet mittens/fingerless gloves are finished. She's tried them on and they fit a treat. Now she just has to wait for the large, jolly bloke in the red suit to visit before she can have them!

I've decided to frog the socks I started for her because the yarn (from her stash) is really harsh and was hurting my fingers while I was knitting with it. I think it will be too harsh for feet so it had to go. I am going to try washing it to see if it softens up at all so she may yet get her socks! I've been a bit sneaky because I told her that she won't be getting socks for Christmas but I remembered last night that I have a ball of Opal Rodeo Cotton so I've started her a pair in that. I noticed this morning that she is wearing the other pair I made her and I said 'nice socks, shame you aren't getting a pair for Christmas' and she hit me! She'll take it all back on Sunday when she opens her presents.

I guess that means I'd better get knitting then!


Woolly Wormhead said...

Haha, sounds like you have a similar relationship to your mum as I have to mine! She'll be chuffed with another pair.

Cheers for the comments you left for me - friends and family can indeed be your best customers but at a discounted rate... like free ;)

Dixie said...

Your mama's going to love you when she sees that you knit her up some socks after all!

Steph said...

Those Broadstreet mitts are lovely - what yarn did you use? I've been eyeing up the pattern for a while, but need to pluck up the courage to try dpns - a New Year's Resolution!