Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Sadly no pics today. I have a few things on the needles that show some progress but the light is appalling today, very foggy outside. Besides, I'm sick AGAIN! I'm sick of being sick! At least this year its a couple of weeks before Christmas, last year I got ill on Christmas day - urk!

Mum's broadstreet mittens are finally happening in a size that will fit her rather than Hagrid. I'm knitting them in navy blue Sirdar Country Style 4ply (yes left over from the mosaic socks!) on 2.5mm dpns. They fit me so far and Mum and I have the same size hands so, fingers crossed, its looking like I've finally cracked it. I can only knit them during the day though because I just can't see the stitches well enough under artificial light. Ruh roh! Think old age is catching up with me!

My other startling news is that my scarf for my International Scarf Exchange pal is 30 inches long! When did that happen? I think I must have some knitting brownies in my house because I can't remember knitting it that much! I'm probably just less than halfway through the second ball so well on target for the 55 inches the pattern calls for. I have four balls so I can easily make it longer. I'm not going to say which pattern or colour I'm using just in case my pal figures out who I am! No clues here!

I dyed some more roving yesterday. Some rainbow purple for my mate Meg in Australia who wants a Wavy scarf knitted in 'the same colour as the one you did your Mum'. I also dyed some more Wensleydale in green. This time it came out far more variegated so I'm going to ply a single from the first batch with a single from the second which should look quite good. I hope...

Meg has just started up a blog of her own so pop over and say hi! Her kitty cat, Benni, is lovely and fluffy and grey!

Anyway, enough rambling. If the light improves I'll try to get some pics posted.

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