Saturday, December 31, 2005

Out With The Old... with the new. Old year out, new year in. Old gloves out, new mittens in.

I need a new pair of gloves. I've had these for several years and as the picture shows they've got a little thin! I bought them and a matching scarf from Marks & Spencers and they've given good service.

After the success with Mum's Broad Street mittens, I had to have a go at making my own of course. I used a combination of the knowledge gained from the Broad Street mittens, making socks and the mitten chapter in Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy. I think I've done good!

I'll have the second mitten finished by the end of the day (and year) so I'll be sporting my new mittens on my first day back at work on Tuesday.

I've already started thinking about the next pair. I'd like to do a pattern, maybe cables, and a gussetted thumb. I used a straight thumb this time as its simpler and I really needed to have these mittens finished to replace the poor old M&S gloves.

I might even write up the pattern - its very easy!

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wendy said...

Oooo toasty fingers i like them....
Happy new year