Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sock Part The Second

No cursing! No ripping! I did have to fudge the second sock slightly as I was a bit out in my guestimate of where to start but I don't think anyone would notice. I can't see it and I know exactly what to look for and where. (see Sock Part The First for yarn and needle details) This is the quickest pair of socks I've knitted and would have been quicker but because I knew I would finish today I was suffering from 'distract-itis'. The picture is awful because the light today is awful, its been grey and murky all day. Blurgh!

Now... what next?

**Edited to add: I also finished my International Scarf Exchange scarf today - hurrah for me! I will leave blocking it until after Crimbo as my 'drying space' (aka my bedroom floor) is full of handwashed handknitted socks at the moment!


Dixie said...

Snappiest socks in town! They're great!

happyspider said...

wow! those are so well matched! you deserve a medal :p
happy christmas :)

Meg said...

I love the colour of these :)