Friday, January 13, 2006


The Purling Ps have renamed 2006 - it is now 200Sox. You know my addiction. You know I joined up!

I've finished my first sock - not the pair yet! (**edited to add: that is, the first sock of the year not the first one ever. Who taught me to write?**) I'll post a pic tomorrow when (hopefully!) we'll see some light. Any light would be good, it was so grey and murky again today.


GeekInThePink said...

I'm dying to knit socks! My sister-in-law and I are hoping to sign up for a class at our local yarn shop in the next couple weeks. Wish us luck! :o)

Dixie said...

I have got to learn to knit socks too - you make it sound so fun! Plus if I don't knit up this lovely sock yarn my sister sent me at Christmas I may end up having to send it to you so it doesn't go to waste!