Saturday, January 28, 2006

In Training

I've decided what I'll be knitting for the Knitting Olympics. Drops 78-11. The challenges for me are:
  • It's a very busy time at work, I'll be there 7.30am - 5pm (or later) everyday.

  • I've never knitted anything all in one piece before (expect swearing).

  • Only 16 days! eek! (eeeeeeeek!!)
Challenge already faced: the pattern is in English but the lace chart is in Norwegian! Love Google. Love knitters who do translations.

This is my practice swatch of the lace pattern. It's actually my second attempt, I didn't look at the chart on the first attempt and didn't see that its a 4 row pattern (ahem!). It looked pretty good even with the lacy part knitted on every right side row. :-)

The swatch is knitted in the yarn I'll be using. The original pattern calls for 100% cotton although it does give alternatives, one of which is wool. This, however, is 100% acrylic. BUT! Before I get run out of town, it is very soft and feels wonderful. I've heard good things about the James C Brett acrylics on UK Handknitters and this yarn is living proof that the reputation is deserved. The colour! What can I say? The most gorgeous kingfisher blue I've ever seen. Sadly, it doesn't show all it's glory in a photo.

Another lovely sunrise this morning.

I'm off to my favourite Thai restaurant tonight. Yum!


HazelNutcluster said...

A lovely choice.

16 days? I can't even bear to watch :) Good luck and enjoy your dinner.

Rain said...

That's a gorgeous cardigan.

I've used the James C Brett acrylic and I think it's great, one of the nicer acrylics out there (and really soft).

TutleyMutley said...

I'm still debating wether to take up the challenge - yours looks awesome.
Have you seen HOW MANY knitters are joining the Olympics? WoW! BTW are you knitting for Oz or GB???

Lynne said...

Wow - that is a nice top you are making for the Olympics and the colour is FAB! I love those peacocky/kingfisher colours.
Thai is my favourite sorta food, especially when it is wheat-free - YUM!

Woolly Wormhead said...

I think everyone is mad for joining the knitting olympics.. am I the only blogger who isn't?! Go on girl, give it yer best shot! x