Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Seven Times Seven Meme

Ruth has tagged me for this meme and I've saved it till today so I can pretend I have an interesting mid-week post. Sad I know! :-P

Seven times Seven meme

Seven things to do before I die:-

- visit Canada
- visit Machu Picchu (sp?)

- learn Italian
- swim with dolphins
- get my finances in order – must learn to budget…
- go back to Australia to live
- learn to sing

Seven things I cannot do:-

- drive (other than people up the wall :-))
- like my Mum’s partner (it ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime)
- be bothered with politics
- tolerate racism
- keep my temper (must work on that one)
- not be a sarcastic, facetious bitch (oops must work on that too)
- paint or draw

Seven things that attract me to blogging:-

- inspiration
- humour
- sense of belonging to a community
- the pictures
- the projects
- the people!
- even if no-one visited my blog I would still keep it because its an ideal place to keep track of what I’m up to. I like the visitors and comments though! Keep them coming!

Seven things I say most often:-

- it’s crap (most recently used in conjunction with my office refurbishment)
- cool
- oh, I’ve never heard that before (when someone says ‘g’day mate’… again… big cliché guys!)
- b*ll*cks (not something an Aussie would generally say. So shoot me, I’ve been corrupted!)
- Get down Max! (although border collies aren’t huge they aren’t lap dogs either)
- please
- thanks

Eleventyonebillion books that I love:-

- The Silmarillion, The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkein
- The Harry Potter books – JK Rowling
- The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series – Douglas Adams
- The Brother Cadfael books – Ellis Peters
- The Dragon Rider series – Anne McCaffrey
- The Darkover series – Marion Zimmer Bradley
- His Dark Materials series – Philip Pullman
- The Dark is Rising series – Susan Cooper
- The Weirdstone of Brisingamen – Alan Garner
(Must. Stop. Now. I realise most of these are series and I’m cheating but hey! do you get the impression I like books?)

Seven movies I watch over and over again:-

- The Lord of the Rings (all three extended versions what can I say?)
- The Harry Potter movies
- Willow
- The original three Star Wars movies
- Calamity Jane and any of the old musicals
- Chicago
- The Dark Crystal (I do a good Skeksis impression!)

Seven people I want to join in too (but only if they want to!):-

- Dixie
- Lynne
- Katie
- Meg
- Wendcat
- Secret Pal (when they can reveal themselves of course!)
- anyone else who feels like it!

I've just noticed that my last 6 (I think) post titles all start with the letter 's'. And... this is my 99th post - wanna bet I forget the next one is the 100th?


SP7 said...

Hmmm...maybe I'll fill it out :)

W said...

Hi Sue a belated happy new year


TutleyMutley said...

Do you do bookcrossing Sue? Do it, do it!!!
I've been bookcrossing since last year - fab - I get books and chocolate and glitter thru the post!
In comparison I've only been blogging mere days.

Rain said...

I've been to Machu Picchu and it was amazing, you must go. In fact, go at once!