Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sock And Sweater

Promised sock pic.

This is knitted in Regia 6ply colour #5180 on 3.5mm Addi circ using magic loop. Its knitted toe-up with short row heels and toes, total number of stitches = 40. It looks really small but fits like a dream. Once again there is no real pattern, I'm just winging it. I was a bit worried about the cast off being too tight so after the ribbing I knitted into the front and back of each stitch and then cast off. Its given it quite a frilly look in this pic but when I wear it, it looks more like a chevron. This is not a colour I would have chosen for myself because its quite subdued shades of browns and greys and I like brighter colours and not brown. Mum gave it to me for Christmas though and, you know, I rather like it now its knitted up! Just goes to show Mother does know best... just don't tell her!

I also stayed up till nearly midnight last night (just spelt 'night' with a 'k'!) to finish this:

The front of the Sirdar Salsa sweater. The pattern is wrong when you get to the v-neck decreases but easily fixed. The front also turned out longer than the back so I unpicked the cast off on the back and knitted a few extra rows. I know I'm using different yarn to that specified but I don't think that is the problem in this case! Good one 'Simply Knitting', keep up the good work!

The first sleeve is started. The colour is quite good in this pic but the blue doesn't quite stand out that much. Who knows, I might even be wearing this when I go to my favourite Thai restaurant on the 28th January!

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