Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Olympic Review

or 'Wot I Done Larned'

So, after two weeks of mad knitting, what did I get out of my Olympic bid?

I learned:
  • I can knit to a deadline!
  • I can knit on only one project if I'm strict with myself.
  • I can knit and blog during the week even if I think I'm too tired.
  • Three needle bind-off.
  • Knitting sleeves in the round.
  • Not all 100% acrylic yarn is made by the devil. :-)
  • There are tons of really lovely, supportive, talented people out there in blogland who'll cheer you on even when they are facing their own challenges.
  • My cardigan cost me 15 days and less than £4.00!
  • Oh, unless I add in the cost of the bamboo needles I bought especially for it which adds almost £10.00 to the cost... ooops!
  • But they are re-usable so the cost doesn't count!
What I would do differently if I did it again:
  • To be honest, I'm not sure I would do it again!
  • ummmmmm...
  • ...can't think of anything else!
Post Olympic Life
I lied about not knitting today!

I picked up Meg's Flamingo sock this morning. The purple line is where I'll be doing an afterthought heel - my first.

Last night I didn't knit but I did un-knit. I frogged the Sirdar Salsa sweater and here is the proof. I'll most likely be using another Garnstudio Drops pattern for it as I really liked their pattern I used for the Olympics.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


With 1 day 1 hour and 23 minutes to spare.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One Down

Ze sleeve she is finito.

Number 2 is begun.

Buttons have been purchased.

Things are looking good.

Monday, February 20, 2006

More Sleeve

Longer but still an unfinished sleeve!

In an effort to make things slightly more interesting - this is an 'action' shot. :-) And to think, I thought taking pictures of my feet was difficult! I've got about another 8 stitches to increase, so I'm getting there and should (!) be able to finish in time I think. I hope!

The button hunt has begun...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Art Of Distraction

I don't know about you, but if I have a deadline I'm very good at distracting myself.

This morning I spent quite a lot of the morning on MSN with a friend in Australia. This afternoon, I decided I needed to re-organise my spinning and knitting stashes. Then I discovered my patchwork stash which made me wonder where my patchwork and quilting books were. Oh, and while I'm at it, why don't I re-arrange my bookshelves so that I can get to my craft books more easily.

Oooooh cookbooks! Look! There's my ice-cream making book...




Saturday, February 18, 2006


Lookie, lookie, lookie! A finished body! This just absolutely zoomed along today. I almost finished the left front last night but just couldn't keep my eyes open long enough. This morning I started early with every intention of getting the body finished but no real expectation that I would. By lunchtime, I'd finished both fronts so I knew it was possible. Knit, Sue, knit, knit!

A close-up of the ribbing on the back neck. This is a far better representation of the colour of the yarn but it still isn't quite right!

My first three-needle bind off. I like this technique! This means that the only sewing I have to do is sewing in the sleeves - good!

The three-needle bind off from the wrong side. So very, very neat!

Excuse all the loose ends. I will sew those in tomorrow but tonight I want to get the first sleeve started.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic (lack of) Progress & Message to SP7

This is the sad and sorry tale of my Olympic knitting progress - not much! I knew I'd slow down during the week but I'd hoped to get more done than this. It measures about 25cm at the moment and needs to be 33cm before I get to the armhole decreases. So, progress but slow progress! I'm getting lots of nice comments when people see me knitting at work in my lunch break, particularly about the colour. They don't get the Knitting Olympics idea though! I've given up trying to explain and now just say I have a deadline. :-)

I will be doing some more tonight but I have to do some ironing as well so probably not as much as I'd like.

Quick note to my SP7 spoiler: I'm not keeping secrets or being ungrateful it's just that your parcel hasn't arrived yet. I think Royal Mail and HM Customs & Excise must have taken a liking to it. :-( I promise to blog about it as soon as I get it but in the meantime, please don't feel I'm being ungrateful and horrible!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympic Progress Day 3

Well, I haven't been feeling too well today so there was very little knitting done this morning. Late afternoon and the evening saw me pick up my sticks and actually reach the point I decided I needed to be at by the end of the weekend.

I've completed the patterned part and now its plain stocking stitch. Boring, perhaps, but it should go faster. I'm looking forward to hitting the neck and arm decreases!

I really like the way this is knitting up. If you're tempted by James C Brett yarn but are put off by it being 100% acrylic, give it a go. You could be surprised!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


In a press release today Knitlympian, Spinning Sue, denied the accusations that she was drunk during her first event. Spinning said: 'Tutmut is obviously trying to get me disqualified and disgraced. She seems to think her slanderous allegations about me and a very nice Australian red will be taken seriously. As if!' Knitlympic sources confirm that wine is not a banned substance as long as you are a member of the correct team which Spinning appears not to be. Stay tuned for more scandal and gossip.

He he he. Actually the bottle of red in yesterday's pic is unopened. Mainly because I forgot about it! The chocolate didn't survive the evening though.

Here is today's progress. Excuse crappy pic. I'm at about 10cm now which is actually halfway through the lacy rib pattern. So. Life is good. Drink lots. Errrr, I mean sports drinks of course...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Can. Off. Chew. Than. Bit. More.

Re-arrange the words in the title to see how I feel.

This is the result of 3.5 hours of knitting.

228 sts cast on. 11 rows knitted.

Should I panic yet?

T Minus 45

45 minutes to go. I'm ready!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mucho Excitement

No pictures cos I'm lazy. Anyway the flamingo sock is just longer not even at the heel yet. I was right about the colours though, they have grown on me. Tutleymutley's comment on the colour is spot on - 'kind of clouds at sunset appearance'. Hers is such a great name for a blog too!

Anyway, the reasons for the picture-less, excited kid-mode post are two:
One: My SP7 has told me there is a little something on the way! First thing I do when I get home from work is check out the place where Mum puts my post.
Two: My Sockapaloooza pal has also been in touch directing me to a website to check out some yarn colours. I loved them all! And, yes, I know I'm no help whatsoever.

The other side of the mine, mine, mine greediness of the above paragraph is that I have sent my SP7 spoilee a package and I have contacted my Sockapaloooza spoilee with a few questions.

I can see why so many people get involved in the exchanges - it is a lot of fun!

Have you seen that the Knitting Olympics now has over 3,000 participants? Amazing! I wonder if all those knitters casting on at the same time will do something weird to the space-time continuum? (Just kidding!)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Meg's flamingo socks are in progress. I'm not sure if I like the way this is patterning yet and I can't say why. It will probably grow on me once the colours have repeated a few times. Anyway, me liking them is immaterial as the finished item isn't for me!

Now I've got over my fit of pique I can say that I don't hate Simply Knitting. I was just grumpy, as much with myself as the pattern. I did the old knitter's trick of 'keep knitting, keep knitting, it will be okay'. Mind you, it wouldn't hurt if they employed a half decent proof-reader. Some of the pattern errors are simple mathematics. Even I know that casting off 6 sts at the begining of the next two rows when you start with 22 sts will mean you have more than 8 to cast off on the next row... But I'm over it. Honest!

I'm getting nervous/excited about the upcoming Knitting Olympics - weird huh? After all, who is going to know if I fail? Oh... wait... the other more than 2,500 knitters involved. Oh crap!

Template Issues Part Two

I've decided to go back to a blogger template temporarily because the other one was annoying me. I think I should brush up on my html and design one of my own.

After the Olympics of course! :-)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Template Issues

I've just noticed something weird with my template. Actually its been an issue ever since I changed to this purple template but I only ever noticed it on the individual post pages. Now it has appeared on the main page and I have an idea that there is some sort of vertical centering thing going on. I'm going to try and fix it but it will take me a while as my html coding is basic. Eeek! In the meantime you'll need to scroll down to get to the posts. Sorry!

@%^&$£ Simply Knitting!

I hate Simply Knitting and I will never buy it again or make anything out of the the copies I have!

I've just completed one of the sleeves of the January '06 cover sweater (that I was making in the Sirdar Salsa which is not the recommended yarn but I got gauge). If I was a gorilla it might have a chance of fitting me. Although my knuckles don't scrape on the ground as I walk, this sleeve certainly will! So its got to go. It's a pain to have got so far and then have to frog it but I know I won't wear it and I love this yarn too much for that. I have an idea what I will use it for but its going to have to wait until after my Olympic bid!

@%^&$£ Simply Knitting...

This & That

Sockapaloooza matches were made earlier this week and I've started thinking about what to make for my pal. I've been given quite a broad scope but there are a couple of specifics. One will be easy, one requires a bit of thought and planning. Hmmmmmm...

Not a stitch has been knitted on the Sirdar Salsa sweater for about two weeks. Must be a good girl and get stuck into that today.

Instead, during the week I did some shopping. Heartstrings Beaded Swirl socks pattern. The Opal Rainforest Flamingo and Rodeo Cotton #1170 were both chosen by my friend Meg (in Oz) who has been promised more socks.

The Opal Rainforest Doktorfisch is mine, mine all mine! Yes, the Rodeo is in the same colour as Mum's Christmas socks but the hints from Oz were quite persistent: 'Ooooo! I like them. I really like them.' I'll be buying at least another ball of it because I really like it too!

I've also started another pair of socks for me (what? what?) using the Opal dye-your-own yarn I dyed with grape and cherry Kool Aid and the Sockbug's Lacy Scallops pattern. I've completed two pattern repeats and I like them.

You'll notice that they are on bamboo dpns... also new. I ordered them from MCA Direct along with some 4mm bamboo dpns and a 4mm bamboo circ for my Olympic knitting. MCA sent a metal circ instead of the bamboo but that was sorted with one email. If you are looking for fast and good service I can't recommend them enough. They promised to put the correct needle in the mail that day and told me to keep the metal needle. I have ordered from them before, I got the yarn for my ISE2 scarf from them. And, if you need another reason, they don't charge postage if your order totals over £5.00. Good huh?