Friday, February 10, 2006

Can. Off. Chew. Than. Bit. More.

Re-arrange the words in the title to see how I feel.

This is the result of 3.5 hours of knitting.

228 sts cast on. 11 rows knitted.

Should I panic yet?


Lynne said...

Panic! (ooh!) Panic! (ooh!) Panic all over the place. Panic (ooh!) Panic (ooh!) Wipe that smile off your face.... (hope you remember the Goodies!)
She'll be right, mate! It will all work out!

Anonymous said...

No. Panic when you hit day 14. :)

I'm knitting the Estonian Garden Wrap, and I have about that much done too...*sigh*


Dixie said...

You can't panic until the closing ceremonies are underway and you're still far from finished.

Don't borrow trouble till it's here - just knit! :)

Rain said...

Just cruising by to check out the competition.

Looking good so far.

TutleyMutley said...

It was obviously that bottle of wine, Sue! But seriously - you're doing it all in one, so it will grow and that'll be it, no sewing up. You'll be fine. Just lay off the booze!