Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mucho Excitement

No pictures cos I'm lazy. Anyway the flamingo sock is just longer not even at the heel yet. I was right about the colours though, they have grown on me. Tutleymutley's comment on the colour is spot on - 'kind of clouds at sunset appearance'. Hers is such a great name for a blog too!

Anyway, the reasons for the picture-less, excited kid-mode post are two:
One: My SP7 has told me there is a little something on the way! First thing I do when I get home from work is check out the place where Mum puts my post.
Two: My Sockapaloooza pal has also been in touch directing me to a website to check out some yarn colours. I loved them all! And, yes, I know I'm no help whatsoever.

The other side of the mine, mine, mine greediness of the above paragraph is that I have sent my SP7 spoilee a package and I have contacted my Sockapaloooza spoilee with a few questions.

I can see why so many people get involved in the exchanges - it is a lot of fun!

Have you seen that the Knitting Olympics now has over 3,000 participants? Amazing! I wonder if all those knitters casting on at the same time will do something weird to the space-time continuum? (Just kidding!)


Dixie said...

You know, that's the exact reason I wanted to do the Knitting Olympics - for the feeling of doing the same thing at the same time as thousands of others. Guess that makes us all sheep. Heh.

Rain said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the exchanges.

Good Luck for the Olypmics!

KnitYoga said...

Yes, the exchanges are really good fun, aren't they. Knitting needles and yarn at the ready for 6pm tomorrow then! ;-)

acrylik said...

Good luck with the Olympics! I shall be a spectator - but cheering you all on - and I'll probably have some knitting on the go whilst you all cast on too :)