Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic (lack of) Progress & Message to SP7

This is the sad and sorry tale of my Olympic knitting progress - not much! I knew I'd slow down during the week but I'd hoped to get more done than this. It measures about 25cm at the moment and needs to be 33cm before I get to the armhole decreases. So, progress but slow progress! I'm getting lots of nice comments when people see me knitting at work in my lunch break, particularly about the colour. They don't get the Knitting Olympics idea though! I've given up trying to explain and now just say I have a deadline. :-)

I will be doing some more tonight but I have to do some ironing as well so probably not as much as I'd like.

Quick note to my SP7 spoiler: I'm not keeping secrets or being ungrateful it's just that your parcel hasn't arrived yet. I think Royal Mail and HM Customs & Excise must have taken a liking to it. :-( I promise to blog about it as soon as I get it but in the meantime, please don't feel I'm being ungrateful and horrible!


Steph said...

Looking good to me! Which pattern are you making? I chickened out of the whole thing myself so I think you're all doing fabulously!

Anonymous said...

I hate the postal service...let me check and see what the deal is. Could have been held up at customs, you never know.


Woolly Wormhead said...

The lady I'm spoiling hasn't recieved anything from me yet, despite sending the first bits 21/1.... think it's time for me to look into it too.

Dixie said...

Look super to me too.

I've tried explaining the Knitting Olympics too and got it down to saying "It's a group of knitters who go on the Internet a lot (I'm not eeeeven going to explain something like blogs to someone like my mother in law) who want to knit all at the same time during the Olympics.

I get a lot of "That's nice!" nods.

Rain said...

My friends don't get the Olympics either.

I've slowed a bit too, but you do seem to be making some progress with it. Keep on knitting, it's almost the weekend :)

KnitYoga said...

Once you hit those decreases, you'll zoom!!!