Saturday, February 04, 2006

@%^&$£ Simply Knitting!

I hate Simply Knitting and I will never buy it again or make anything out of the the copies I have!

I've just completed one of the sleeves of the January '06 cover sweater (that I was making in the Sirdar Salsa which is not the recommended yarn but I got gauge). If I was a gorilla it might have a chance of fitting me. Although my knuckles don't scrape on the ground as I walk, this sleeve certainly will! So its got to go. It's a pain to have got so far and then have to frog it but I know I won't wear it and I love this yarn too much for that. I have an idea what I will use it for but its going to have to wait until after my Olympic bid!

@%^&$£ Simply Knitting...


Donna said...

But at least the patterns are attractive! I subscribe to Simply Knitting, it is *so* much better than the Australian Creative Knitting! CK has ugly patterns and bad articles and I'm sure they think that SK is outselling them because of the freebies they give away. So the last CK was sealed in plastic with a free tape measure. So you couldn't see how bad the issue was until you paid for it and took it home!

Woolly Wormhead said...

I don't like Simply Knitting much, have to say... I know there's been various discussions about it on UKHK. Oh well, design your own sweater for the yarn! I've got a top-down-raglan-calculator I could email over if you fancy?