Saturday, February 11, 2006


In a press release today Knitlympian, Spinning Sue, denied the accusations that she was drunk during her first event. Spinning said: 'Tutmut is obviously trying to get me disqualified and disgraced. She seems to think her slanderous allegations about me and a very nice Australian red will be taken seriously. As if!' Knitlympic sources confirm that wine is not a banned substance as long as you are a member of the correct team which Spinning appears not to be. Stay tuned for more scandal and gossip.

He he he. Actually the bottle of red in yesterday's pic is unopened. Mainly because I forgot about it! The chocolate didn't survive the evening though.

Here is today's progress. Excuse crappy pic. I'm at about 10cm now which is actually halfway through the lacy rib pattern. So. Life is good. Drink lots. Errrr, I mean sports drinks of course...


Rain said...

It looks like you're flying along.

Nice going so far.

TutleyMutley said...

I'll wait until the wee test results are back.
tee hee.