Saturday, March 04, 2006

Been Shopping...

and I can't show most of it because it's for my SP7!

I'm waiting for some sock yarn to wend it's way from Germany and I'll be able to show that because some is for me and some is for Sockapaloooza. :-)

Here's what I can show you:

The completely non-matching green yarn I bought in the hope of making mittens and possibly a hat to match my ISE2 scarf. As the photo shows - way off! The yarn is 100% wool so I'm thinking of dunking (that is so to a technical term!) the mittens in some yellow dye to see if I can make it look slightly more of a yellow-green. :-) If not, I have managed to find the same yarn as the scarf on a US website.

These are silk hankies I bought on Ebay which I'm going to dye and spin. Bought Friday morning and arrived this morning - great service! Well, that's the plan - I haven't spun silk yet so it could be... ummmmm... interesting. The silk is having it's pre-dyebath soak at the moment and it will be going in the dyepot as soon as I get this post finished.

I've restarted Ruffles from Scarf Style too. I wasn't feeling the love for hairy version I was making so it took a trip to the frog pond. The yarn I'm using now is a random dyed acrylic (shhhhhh!) that I got at the same time as the mitten yarn and bought just because the colour called me. :-) I didn't start it until it was too dark for a decent picture so photos will have to wait for tomorrow.

Right! Off to murder, I mean dye, some silk then!

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Rain said...

I do that thinking things match too.

Hope your silk works out well.