Monday, March 06, 2006

From Germany With Love

Cue the James Bond music and please excuse the poetic licence in the title!

My sock yarn has landed. Oops, more paraphrasing. At least I don't need to say 'Germany, we have a problem'. Okay enough of the bad puns and yes I am sober, you cheeky monkey!

At the top of the picture are two balls of Opal Uni colour #18 for my sockapaloooza socks. My pal has said they'd like knee high socks so I got 200gms and I'm sure I'll manage to find a use for any leftovers. The bottom row is for me! On the left is Trekking XXL colour #100. I've seen Trekking yarns on so many blogs and I love the way this looks knitted up. In the middle is Opal Acapulco colour #1306 also seen on blogs and loved. Okay, okay so I'm easily led, what can I say? :-) Finally on the right is Opal Acapulco colour #1304, just because. Ordered from Martinas Bastel- und Hobbykiste 1st March and arrived today and included the little packet of Haribo sweets in the pic. Yum! I would recommend them even though the emails they sent were in German (must learn!) but Google translation tools helped a lot.

So now I have a serious sock yarn problem - not as bad as most but there is a definite glut.

Moving quickly on to spinning! I've finished spinning this. The twist is set and I decided to leave it as a single ply because I like the way the colours look. The flash has made the colour much too bright in this pic. This is a better representation of the colours. For those who like to know these things, its 50 gms blue-faced leicester dyed by me and spun on my drop spindle. Its about 210 yards/190 metres. I haven't decided what to use it for yet other than to stroke and admire it. :-)

Everytime I spin something now I can see the improvement and I always seem to be saying 'this is the best I've ever spun' but that's better than going backwards and doing worse!

Off now to cast on for sockapaloooza.


Caroline said...

My fibre always comes out a pale cousin of what I intended. I've worked out that I'm not using enough dye (it took me a while that one!) but how much is "enough"? You have such lovely saturated colour and I'm producing pastels, which are ok but not what I wanted. What's your recipe?

Donna said...

I *love* the sock yarn in the bottom row, centre. Must hunt down!! (Cos everyone knows there's no such thing as too much sock yarn!)

sal the spider said...

Oh WOW!!! Your yarn is so gorgeous!!!! The colours are fantastic - I'm at a loss for adjectives ;-)
Sal x

Rain said...

Ooo scrummy sock yarn.

Your own spun stuff is gorgeous. The colours are lovely.

Dixie said...

Hey! You got a wee little sample of Hairbo Happy Cola! I love those things - bottle shaped gummi-sweets that are cola flavored.

If you ever need German translating done, you know where to come. I don't live here for nothing, you know!

Pretty yarns. And I love what you've spun!

Woolly Wormhead said...

I'm so jealous of your latest spun yarns. You really have got the knack, haven't you! And yes, I'd like to know your dye solutions for getting such vibrant colours..;)

Daisy said...

Oooooooh yummy sock yarn!