Sunday, March 26, 2006


Ms Diva is finished. She's about 5' 6" long and was knitted on 5mm needles. She's very light and stretchy so I think she will grow a bit longer with wear. I really like it. Mum says 'the colours are all wrong but they work!' This pic is taken without flash so hopefully the colours are a bit closer to reality.

Instructions can be found here to make an ultralight spindle using a paper clip, bamboo skewer and cardboard, very Blue Peter. Of course, I had to have a go and here is the result. The spindle spins quite well but it took me a while to get the hang of a top whorl spindle, both of my bought ones are bottom whorl. The tops are Wensleydale, originally dyed an eye burning nuclear orange which I overdyed in a very weak blue. The colour is now more of a burnt orange - still bright but you're safe from retina burnout. I've got 50 gms to spin up. I love Wensleydale and I must buy some more soon.

I've got a very short week at work, I've got Thursday and Friday off and will be going to the NEC, Birmingham on Thursday to the Sewing for Pleasure/Hobbycrafts show. I can't wait! I'm not expecting much knitting or spinning stuff but it'll be a good opportunity to stock up on other supplies like beads, fimo and and and...

Can you tell I'm looking forward to it? Oh and I'll be wearing Ms Diva so if you see her walking around please say hello!


Rain said...

The show sounds fantastic - don't go too mad! Oh the temptation..

The scarf is beautiful, the colours in it are perfect. You wouldn't think of putting them together, but they work so well.

sal the spider said...

Hmmnn, think I've gushed over the scarf before,no? It's still to die for :-) Have fun at the show, lose all restraint! I am thinking of buying a new wheel and need someone else to feel guilty with! :-)
Sal x

Wye Sue said...

Found out that there are exhibitors lists on this site
Looks like a bit of knitting - Web of Wool, Black sheep are worth a good look - lots of card making thou :-(
Will be on knit & natter with Fred & Yvonne, on Thurs come and say hello and try before you buy !
Will look out for scarf, looks wonderful :-)

Dixie said...

I can't get over how well those colors in that scarf go together.