Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm on strike today - no really! My union has called its members out over an issue with pensions. Our pension scheme is being quite dramatically changed and the changes will apply to existing members as well as new. Ours is the only union this is happening to, all others have the changes applying only to new members. Now I'm not a political animal and this is the first time I've ever been on strike but it is an important issue for me. I'm single with no kids and I live in a foreign country. I have no support network of family here other than my mother. When I'm old and decrepit I will have only my pension and myself to look after me.

Instead of placard waving though, I'm sitting, like Madame La Farge (***edit - it's de Farge isn't it? Oh well!***) at the steps of the guillotine, and knitting. Wonder if she knitted socks? I have been.

Sockapaloooza! One completed thereof. (Sorry about the shadows in the pics - we have sun!) I really like the way this has worked out. It looks crazy because the lacy rib pattern really pulls the leg in, so you have this skinny leg with a ginormous foot at the bottom. I can't show a modelled shot because my sock pal has teeny, tiny, skinny legs compared to mine. :-( I knitted 5 rows in ordinary 4x3 rib at the top and knit into the front and back of every stitch in the last row. This gives a ruffled edge and also gets around the problem of casting off too tightly. The close-ups show the lacy rib pattern stretched and unstretched.

I've also done most of the first of Meg's Opal Flamingo socks. It's just a long tube with toe shaping at the moment because I'm doing an afterthought heel. The purple strip in the second pic shows where the heel will be inserted. I like this technique already because the striping is not interrupted at all on the front of the sock. I'll be knitting the second sock before doing the heels so it will be a while before I blog my thoughts on afterthought heels.


Daisy said...

Afterthought heels rock! I loved the one I did and it seemed to make the sock much quicker to knit (still not sure how that works!)

Helen said...

I love the sock! The lace is just gorgeous!

I hope all goes well with the strike.

Rain said...

Click, click, click, click, THUNK.

The lilac socks are beautiful, I love the colour and stitch pattern.

Boo for needing to strike, yay for extra knitting time.

Cheryl said...

I hope this strike works. I'd be fighting for my pension too.

Meg said...

hmmmmm socks all mine LOl thanks Sue

Woolly Wormhead said...

Isn't going on strike the strangest thing? We did end of last year - the sense of being together was overwhelming, and I felt like a right rebel with my placard. Me, feeling like a rebel. Never heard of.

Hope it all works out - Tom got time off for it too.

Dixie said...

Can't be fun striking but extra knitting time is always good!

Pretty, pretty socks!