Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Is Update Day

***Edited to upload photos - at last!!***

I have started spinning (finally!) for Meg's scarf. She says she likes the colour although I think it's a bit light. I will probably need to spin more so I will dye the next lot a bit darker then ply the two different lots together. Well, that's the current plan anyway!

Ms Diva, the garter stitch scarf, is growing. I love the way the colours are striping but are not quite consistent. The needle is a 5mm, 35cm long (nearly 14 inches) and I included it for scale as much as anything. There is enough yarn to make a decent length scarf, not miles long though. I think it will be more of a decorative scarf to wear rather than for warmth.

Finally, another pic of the sockapaloooza sock - it is longer but that is about as much as I can say. I'm fairly certain that extra stitches won't be required but I still haven't decided if I will need to go up a needle size for the calf. I think they will be okay, though.


Rain said...

The scarf is stunning!

sal the spider said...

I loved the yarn and now I love the scarf, fabulous colours! :-)

sal the spider said...

ps Thank you very much for your lovely singing on my blog - much appreciated! :-)